Outdoor Yoga in San Antonio at Weston Common

Outdoor fitness spaces in Downtown San Antonio, including opportunities to practice yoga outdoors are hard to find. But now, with the opening of Weston Common, the public can take part in a number of fitness classes, including yoga, at a beautiful outdoor space in downtown San Antonio. 

The Benefits of Outdoor Yoga

Before we explore what to expect from outdoor yoga classes at Weston Common, let’s talk more about the health benefits of practicing yoga outdoors to begin with. They include:

  • Improving your proprioception skills
  • Strengthening your balance skills
  • Getting a healthy dose of vitamin D and fresh air
  • Deepening your meditation
  • You can be one with nature
  • Can be done virtually anywhere

As this article from Yoga Now explains, there are also other benefits of outdoor yoga many people appreciate during COVID-19:  “Most yoga enthusiasts practice yoga at a studio led by a trained instructor. With the current public health crisis, some are reluctant to continue their indoor practice. While virtual classes are always an option and bring much of the transformative power of a traditional yoga class, they can also be isolating for some who prefer the in-person experience. Outdoor yoga classes blend the safety and distance of virtual classes with the communal and energy-building nature of in-person classes. During outdoor yoga classes, you can stay at a safe distance from others while practicing, free of enclosed spaces, while enjoying nature and an in-person connection.”

Outdoor Yoga at Weston Common

With all of those benefits in mind, we bet you can’t wait to take an outdoor yoga class at Weston Common! The good news is, you’ll get three opportunities each week to take part. Classes are available to both Weston Centre tenants and the public, and they’re only $15!  There’s now a 2,000 square foot turfed green space in the heart of Weston Common where guests can take part not only in yoga classes, but also bootcamp, cardio kickboxing, and total body strength training.  Classes are offered by Xtend Fitness & Wellness. Here’s a bit more about their approach to yoga: “We love seeing the smiling, relaxed faces of gym members after taking our Yoga classes. Release the stress of the day and any tension you’re holding in this restorative yoga class focused on stretching, alignment, and core strength. You will also learn how to relieve tension and ease the mind through effective breathing techniques you can take with you wherever you go. We provide you with all of the equipment you need for Yoga classes, including tune-up balls, yoga mats, blocks, and straps.”

Learn More About Weston Common

Outdoor yoga is just one of the many great activities you can enjoy at Weston Common. This 12,500 square-foot space also includes everything you need to work comfortably outdoors! This includes ample seating, hi-speed internet, and charging stations.  While you relax outside, you can also enjoy a coffee or a pastry from the CommonWealth Coffeehouse. On Wednesdays, Weston Centre tenants can also step right outside to enjoy delicious meals from several local food trucks. Each week will feature three different trucks. Whether you are a tenant at Weston Centre or you simply want to take part in outdoor fitness in downtown San Antonio, now is your chance! 

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